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Highway Cleanup Crew at WorkLou Shoemaker. 10-2-08Rose is back!!!
Wine Tasting at NoonClub Speaker 11-3Stojan "Stony" Mitich 3-15-07
Rally in full swing000_IMG_0156.jpg000_IMG_0156.jpg
Escondido Police Chief 6-12-08Our faithful song leader, Carl!007_IMG_0066.jpg
Aktion ClubGary Dudar says his wife has the flu. 2-26-09Mary Brown talks about MS.3-15-07
007_IMG_0066.jpgKey Club meetingAktion Club
Meetings: Every Thurs. at 12:00 to 1:20 pm·Cocina Del Charro, Banquet Room, 890 W Valley Pkwy, Escondido, CA, 92025 ·714-883-8579

For More Information:

Stephen Heilman
P.O. Box 461471
Escondido, CA 92046
If there is no answer please leave a message.

For information via email, click here
********** Lunch Buffet******* Served from 12:00 pm until 12:30 pm on meeting day;

Meeting Place Information:

Cocina Del Charro
Banquet Room
890 W Valley Pkwy
Escondido, CA 92025

Meetings: Every Thurs. at 12:00 to 1:20 pm

Directions to meeting: Near Barns and Noble